INTI Token

The first application utilising the inti ecosystem is, which provides a marketplace for content creators to connect with their fans, free from fees.

Targeting the paid content industry democratizes the delivery of adult content: it envisions zero-fee copyright protection for creators of content, along with safety and anonymity for users.

The INTI Ecosystem.

INTI is a blockchain-based ecosystem that is shaking up the adult entertainment sector worldwide. INTI democratizes the transmission of adult content by aiming for no-fee copyright protection for content providers and user safety and anonymity.

About INTI

Our strategy is to establish exchanges, which allow users to buy and sell INTI tokens safely. We also have a unique reward system, which gives users a chance to win VIP treatment.

Our team consists of a wide range of multidisciplinary people, specializing in an array of industries including Adult Entertainment, Fintech, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing and everything in between.

*Graph shows the fee's that other platforms charge creators compared to

INTI Token (

INTI Tokenomics.

There is a 10% transaction tax on INTI, this is broken down into 2 parts listed below. Any transactions that happen on with the INTI token do not incur these taxes as a benefit to INTI's utility. 

5% Automatic Liquidity

5% of all transactions is distributed to the liquidity on UniSwap to create a growing price floor. 

5% Rewards

The other 5% of transaction tax is redistributed to INTI holders as a reward for holding your tokens within our ecosystem. 

How To Purchase.

There are several ways to purchase $INTI - You can purchase the INTI token using any of the following methods: Via our official $INTI contract in UniSwap or by purchasing the BSC token: PornRocket on PancakeSwap or the trust exchanges (LBank, WhiteBIT, Bitmart & Hotbit) and bridge your tokens across.


Download Trust Wallet App on your Mobile Device

If you are using iOS, head over to the App Store and search "Trust Wallet", it should be the first option with the shield logo. Once installed, you will need to enable use Wallet Connect to connect to Pancake Swap in your safari browser. If you are on Android, head onto the Google Play Store and again search "Trust Wallet" and it should be the first option with the shield logo once again.

Buy and Send ETH to your Trust Wallet

You can buy ETH directly on Trust Wallet or you can buy it on an exchange such as Binance and send it to your wallet address which can be found on the Trust Wallet app. Press the receive button to automatically copy your address; it should start with “0xD28c0D86904E129BBec36131Ef20E53057fE5c35”.

Visit UniSwap and swap your ETH for $INTI

Click here to go directly to UniSwap or click here to manually copy the address. After you've copied the address, paste it into the search bar on UniSwap, selecting INTI from the list and setting the slippage to 12%. If you get an error, round your INTI amount to the nearest ten. (For example 534.23 $INTI would round to 530 $INTI)

Check you've received your $INTI in your wallet

If you can't see your $INTI in your wallet, click the icon in the top-right hand corner, type in INTI select 'Add Custom Token'. Insert the INTI contract address, it should automatically pull the rest of the information required. However if it doesn't, simply write INTI for Name, $INTI for symbol and choose 9 Decimals. Congratulations, you are now a proud holder of $INTI Let's get naughty!